"Science Behind the Best Health"

Dr. Lee Yao

Dr. Yao is senior scientist in food research and a senior technologist in food industry with numerous publications on food, functional components and health benefits over years. His extensive academic and industrial activities seasoned in Australia, Britain and Canada ensured his overseeing the principles and practices of Food and Drug acts/regulations across countries.

Dr. Yao worked as R & D Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Regulatory Manager for various companies in Canada. He has extensive experience in GMP / HACCP design, implementation and maintenance. His intensive insight on details for designing of food safety and quality procedures enabled a number of food companies to initialize, implement or improve their food safety and quality system efficiently.

Dr. Yao has sound knowledge and solid experience in GMP and HACCP application and training. He always has external teaching activities for private colleges or earlier for universities apart from his routine jobs. Dozens of his students are now working worldwide in food and pharmaceutical industries. He has a challenging style of GMP/HACCP/SOP designing, which is widely shared amongst the industries with immediate and applicable CFIA/FDA verification and validation thoughts.

As an expert as he always is, Dr. Yao also acted as a QA and SRED consultant for industries for years with extensive knowledge about drug and food ingredients supplies, new product research and development.

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